1. Hip cleaning: the special nozzle for hip cleaning sprays warm water to fully clean the hip;

2. Women's washing: it is specially designed for women's daily hygiene. Warm water is sprayed from women's special nozzle and carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial infection;

3. cleaning position adjustment: no need for users to move the body, adjust the cleaning position forward and backward according to the shape.

4. Reciprocating cleaning: during cleaning, the nozzle moves back and forth to expand the cleaning range and enhance the cleaning effect;

5. Massage: the water pressure changes during cleaning, which plays the role of massage and promotes blood circulation;

6. Seat ring heating: the computer motherboard controls the toilet seat to maintain a certain temperature, which will feel warm and comfortable even in cold winter;

7. Temperature regulation: the water temperature, seat temperature and air temperature can be adjusted according to the user's personal preferences;

8. Warm air drying: blow out comfortable warm air to make the washed hips dry and refreshing;

9. Automatic deodorization: use cold catalyst to treat the odor, remove the odor and purify the air;

10. Toilet cover and toilet seat cushion: use physical damping method to make the toilet cover and seat ring fall slowly to avoid impact;

11. Skin contact sensing: lock the functions of washing and drying before sensing the human body into the seat to avoid accidental triggering;

12. Automatic flushing: after the user leaves, the toilet will automatically discharge water to flush the toilet;

13. Nozzle self-cleaning: when the nozzle extends or retracts, it will automatically spray a small stream of water to self clean the nozzle;

14. Power saving function: according to the use period, the computer controls the warm water and toilet heating to achieve the purpose of power saving;

15. Wireless remote control: use the remote control to easily operate all functions;

16. Safety protection: take various safety protection measures for the power supply and heating parts of the machine to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. Three plug grounding leakage is adopted to protect the power line, which can effectively prevent damage caused by leakage

17. Inductive cover opening: when a person approaches the smart toilet, the smart toilet automatically opens the cover.

18. Kicking and flushing: to facilitate men to urinate without bending down, kick the button at the bottom of the toilet to realize manual flushing without bending down.

19. Automatic box cover: after use, the cover will fall automatically after a period of time to prevent the peculiar smell in the toilet.