Who needs to use shuban smart toilet

2022-04-08 08:00:57

Details :

1、 What every family needs: the toilet paper after defecation is stacked in the toilet basket and becomes a hotbed for bacteria to breed. It will not only pollute the home environment, but also become the source of virus infection. After using shuban smart toilet, you can no longer wipe it with paper, which can save you the trouble of cleaning the wastebasket, completely block the source of environmental pollution and virus transmission, and protect the health of you and your family.

·2、 Everyone needs: there are more than 10000 folds on the surface of hip skin, breeding all kinds of pollutants and bacteria. Usually our hands are dirty. Due to the wrinkles on the skin surface, it's better to wash them with water than to wipe them with more paper. Moreover, toilet paper is mostly recycled paper. Adding fluorescent whitening agent or talc powder to the waste paper is easy to cause leukemia in long-term contact with the skin.

·3、 Fashionable women need: vulva cleaning care is very important for women's health. 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by vulva pollution. Cleaning vulva is the first line of defense to prevent gynecological diseases. Women are often troubled by inconvenient cleaning during menstruation, prenatal and postpartum. Shuban intelligent toilet is specially equipped with female cleaning function. It washes women's special parts with soft and warm water to keep the body fresh and prevent the invasion of bacteria.

·4、 Patients with hemorrhoids and constipation: everyone will encounter such problems more or less. The intelligent toilet has a special function of cleaning after defecation and flushing before defecation. It can massage the acupoints around the anus, lubricate the intestines, soften and decompose the dry and caked stool, help defecate and eradicate constipation.

·5、 Frail elderly needs: with the increase of age, all aspects of human body functions will gradually decline, including defecation function. Defecation difficulty is a problem encountered by almost all old people. With shuban smart toilet, elderly friends will no longer worry about going to the toilet every day. The elderly have inconvenient movement. Bow or bend down are very dangerous movements, which are easy to cause diseases such as hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage, which can not be ignored.

·6、 Needs of people with mobility difficulties: people with mobility difficulties go to the toilet and need to be accompanied by caregivers. It is very inconvenient. With shuban intelligent toilet, just touch the intelligent remote control button, and all post defecation cleaning can be completed automatically, so that friends with mobility difficulties can also solve the problem of going to the toilet by themselves.

7、 The pursuit of high-grade needs: people with noble life pay more attention to the decoration and facility upgrading of the bathroom. While providing your family with comfortable and clean enjoyment after defecation, the intelligent toilet can better highlight the superior life concept of the homeowners. It is a necessary sanitary ware for people who pay attention to high-quality life.